Dance Studio “Sisters Shahrazad” dance classes

Pictures by (in the order of publication of the images):
Daisy Lappard x 6, “Sisters Shahrazad’s” private collecion x 3

are held in Estonia, in Tallinn, the address is:

• A. H. Tammsaare tee 147 / Tallinn School of Economics / Tallinna Majanduskool /

Near the shopping centre Mustikas, from the crossroads of Mustamae tee and Tammsaare tee to the right, several hundred meters by Tammsaare tee.

Public transport:
– Trolleybuses 1 and 5 stop “Tammsaare tee” or “Szolnok”,
– Buses 61 and 13 stop “Lakiotsa”,
– Bus 10 stop “Szolnok”.

– beside Tallinn School of Economics is for free.