“Sisters Shahrazad” opened the doors for students in 2002. As an answer to the requests of audience of the concerts and visitors of the website.

From the beginning there were just one dance style to teach, it was belly dance. Eventually show and folklore styles were taken into the program, also heritage of nomadic peoples and classics. The repertoire is growing constantly and there are belly dance, show, gypsy dance, Rumbita dance, Andalusian style, Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish folklore and classical styles, Eastern ballet to teach and present.

Individual and group classes are available to order:

  • intensive courses,
  • regular classes,
  • private lessons all the year round,
  • different levels,
  • choreographies to dance on the party, dances to perform as a present or a surprise.

Welcome to the dance classes from September 2014:

  • work with strenght and flexibility,
  • dance techniques,
  • theory,
  • variety of styles,
  • beginners, intermediate, advanced levels.


Pictures by Riho Vjatkin