Studies and works

Maria Taniroo and Lizi Taniroo entered colourful world of dance and creation, singing and colourful world before elementary school in their early variegated childhood.

First ballet studio in the theatre Vanemuine.
Besides classical dance Tartu I Music School.
Thereafter standard and Latin-American dance studies in the Sports Club of Tartu University.
Then courses and classes of different folkloric and character dances
beside gymnasium and university studies.
Studios and master teachers in home country and abroad.
Lizi’s Master studies in Tallinn University as Choreographer-Director.

Dance speciality is passion.

Relation between rhythm, melody and silence is
shell and core.
Relation between moving, feeling and staying is
core and shell.
Life and power, fragility and fluency, awareness and spirituality.

Besides dance art sisters have the other professions.

Chronologically the first were translation and speech therapy. Maria’s first choice were languages. Tartu University,  MA, English Language and Literature. Lizi’s first choice is Speech Therapy. Tartu University, MA, Speech Therapist and Special Education Teacher.

Work and skills update in the fields of inspiring dance directions continues. Inspire and lend wings:

  • belly dance and dance styles from Middle East,
  • gypsy dance,
  • flamenco,
  • India and famous Bollywood hits,
  • contemporary dance,
  • world of singing.

The most interesting and outstanding dancing and singing projects of the team:

2014 Switzerland (contracts)
2014 Egypt (projects)
2013 India (projects, special trainings in dance)
2012 Germany, Egypt (contracts)
2012 Mexico, Cuba (projects)
2011 Turkey (projects)
2011 Switzerland (contracts)
2010 Tallinn University (MA)
2008 Lebanon (TV, contracts)
2008 Egypt (studies and special trainings in dance, silver cup, contracts)
2006 Egypt (studies and special trainings in dance, contracts)
2004 Egypt (studies and special trainings in dance, projects)
2004 Russia (contracts)
2002 Turkey (studies and special trainings in dance)
2001 Egypt (studies and special trainings in dance)
1998 Estonia (belly dance and flamenco basics)
1998 Turkey (personal contact with Middle East culture, the contact which inspired to create a team)