Some of the dance shows

ideas and choreographies
realisation and performing by
Maria Taniroo and Lizi Taniroo

Whirling skirt dance performance “An eternity in an entire moment”

Unique dance performance, the fantasy of the colours and patterns, which roots belong to the mysterious Medieval periood or even earlier.


Pictures by (in the order of appearance):
Vjatseslav Timofejev, Vladimir Myller x 2, Sergei Cherenkov, Rein Plamus x 2

Egyptian dances show “The power of the fire and the firmness of the Phoenix”

Gate and garden, door and house, soul and world. A construstion which is built on sincerrity and love, respect and trust, friendliness and support.


Shadow dance performance inspired by Andalusian flamenco “Oh! Times! Times of a year”

Eccentricity and passion, subdued and self-possession, grace and freedom.


Vocal and dance show “On the path of Russian Gypsies”

Passioned guitar music, singing and dancing. Wide soul and the heritage of nomadic Roma people is colourful. You can find fire and sprakles in it. Jumps and lightness, speed-up and kicks, power and orchestra of polyphony, costumes and playfulness are the keywords.


Pictures by (in the order of appearance):
Jaana Juur, Vladimir Myller, Jaana Juur, Rein Plamus, Jyri Laubis,
Rein Plamus, Evelin Lillepuu x 2, Jyri Laubis, Jaana Juur, Evelin Lillepuu x 2

Dance show, vocal and instrumentaal concert (live music) “Rhythms of Southern America, passion of Gypsies and fragility of Eastern culture”

Variety and fusion of the styles.


Middle  East dance show “In cradle of civilisations”

Fluency, emotionality, eccentricity, eccentricity, elegance.


Pictures by (in the order of appearance):
Dmitry Onishchik, Jyri Laubis, Dmitry Onishchik, Evelin Lillepuu x 2, Sergei Cherenkov,
Ardi Hallismaa, Jyri Laubis, Dmitry Onishchik x 2, Sisters Shahrazad, Rein Plamus, Jyri Laubis

Dance performance “Sway of the Spanish wing” inspired by Southern Spain

Temperamental and bright, discovering an internal world and erupting.


Pictures by (in the order of appearance):
Dmitry Onishchik, Vladimir Myller x 2, Evelin Lillepuu, Jyri Laubis x 3, Dmitry Onishchik x 4