Order the show

Feel free to order exclusive and thematic shows, programs and concerts from dance theatre “Sisters Shahrazad”. Performances bring innovations, surprises and joy of recognition!

The major idea of creation of “Sisters Shahrazad” are real life stories and exciting characters. There are relationships from real life, worlds of feelings, different cultures, traditions and stories from life itself in the performances and shows.

Keywords are

  • whirling skirt dance show
  • passionate gypsy dancing and singing
  • belly dance and fire dance
  • Spanish flamenco
  • guitar and Eastern drums
  • Arabian and Turkish folklore
  • live music and recorded
  • Eastern ballet
  • dances of Persian gulf
  • Arabian and Turkish dancing and singing


  • One or more part during the party.
  • From 10-15 minutes till 1,5 hours.
  • One ore more dance styles.

“Sisters Shahrazad” troupe aspires for wider dance world, creating performances-ballets which are presented beside shorter sparkling dances and compositions. There are options to involve audience to mirth dance, to organise competition and instruction, arrange dance games.

Accompanied by live music different teams are united to organic whole. Professional dance troupes and musicians merge into harmonic collective.

Together with the audience artists enter to magic and charming world of dancing and singing. Dance Theatre “Sisters Shahrazad” performs with versatile accessories:

  • specially ordered original handmade costumes
  • tanoura whirling skirts,
  • wings and fan-veils,
  • tablas and tambourines,
  • candelabras and candles,
  • zills and castanets,
  • fans and Saidi canes,
  • revolvers and swords,
  • Iskanderani melaya-veils,
  • rich and wide Khaleegy dresses.